about me

Hi I’m Pilla, I’m an illustrator based in New Zealand. What I enjoy the most is drawing people while I travel around, I stare at them until is a bit awkward, then I memorise their features and make a quirky portrait.

Watercolour is my medium, I chose it back in 2013 when I started traveling with my partner. I found that watercolours are very easy to travel with and make my life much easier, fun and colourful.

I am from Colombia, but have been living in New Zealand since 2013, learning a new lenguaje has been very challenging but I found that with my drawings and a little bit of sense of humor everything is easier.

I live in the beautiful Mount Maunganui, with my partner, we have an illustration studio called Drawing the Way, we make illustrated maps and custom paintings, check it out 🤓🚀


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