about me


Hi I am Marcela A.K.A pilla, I have been living with my partner in Wanaka (New Zealand) for about two years, We were traveling until We discovered Wanaka, we fell in love with this place and We decided to stay.

I have a University degree in Industrial Design, but life sent me on the path of images. I have experience working as a Lecturer of Design and Illustration, as well as being a designer and illustrator since 2007.

I am an obsessive sketcher as my partner, together We have the illustration project of “drawing the way” and we are currently in the process of publishing a book.

Ah…And you need to know this… I am drawing everything and everywhere.

Here are some videos and interviews if you want to know a bit more about me, and our “drawing the way” Wanaka project.

People who inspired me

Awesome Characters of Amadeo GonzalezNimura Disuke

Watercolor and sense of humor of Wendy Macnaughton

Check the recipes and characters of Felicita Sala

The character and color palette of Kate Pugsley

The amazing comics of Amaia Arrazola

Look at the lettering work of Hom Sweet Hom

zines of Katherine Supnem

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